Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Don't Shoot The Messenger


Today, for the first time since Ross Perot ran for President in 1992 I have taken an active role in an election campaign. With little convincing needed from the staff of a local campaign office, I volunteered to become involved in the door to door get out to vote effort of the Romney For President campaign.



romneyryanfundraising1While I would be more than happy to share my view with anyone regarding my support for Romney, my involvement at this point is to try and get more citizens involved in the process. I think this is going to be a close election and both sides have to get their supporters out to vote.



With early voting coming to a close this Saturday, I encourage you to get out and vote wherever you live and let your voice be heard.

If you are willing to share a beer and keep your blood pressure below 120/80, I would be more than willing to try and convince you why you should vote for my guys.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Michael Vick, A Hero Not Just In Football


Like most other kids, growing up I had a pet that was a big part of my life. “Patchy” was a friend and I cried when he was taken to the “Dog Hospital” and never came back. For me this seemed unfair or even a bit cruel because I think we had a mutual affection and respect for each other. “Patchy” will forever be a part of my life and I have a scar on my upper lip to prove it.


Old Yeller Probably from the beginning of time dogs have been a part of our lives in one affectionate way or another. It is partly the reason the likes of Lassie, Benji and Old Yeller have been so popular across so many generations.



Michael Vick

Therefore, it is understandable the outrage one feels when we are made aware of the cruelty some like Michael Vick have done to our “Best Friends.”

It is unfortunate in some circumstances that cruelty to animals especially for entertainment and gambling purposes are a part of some groups cultural up bringing.



Apparently and in my opinion regrettably Michael Vick was a part of this type of a group. Although disappointed in his actions I have always felt his punishment did not fit the crime.


QB Vick Today, Michael Vick as a Philadelphia Eagle is again in the news and should be rightfully so. Any NFL quarter back that can put up 6 touchdowns on the road deserves to be in the spotlight.

While much attention is being given to his on the field success, I think the bigger story here is his apparent personal accomplishments off the field.






Tony DungyMichael Vick is a rehabilitation success story and should serve as a role model to others that have found themselves in similar situations.

Plaxico Burress, Pac-Man Jones and others should take notice.

I am sure having a supportive network like former NFL coach Tony Dungy, family and real friends are all a part of Vick's success. Without a doubt those in similar situation must also make good choices like Michael seems to have done. 



Vick’s story shows the power of forgiveness, real friends and taking advantage of opportunities to make one’s life better. What more can a person in this type of a situation ask for?



Thursday, October 21, 2010

Defending Juan Williams


Once again our political correctness and lack of ability to face the truth shows how hypocritical some members of the media like NPR can be.


Juan-Williams What cowards have we become when we will not defend the right of free speech for the sake of political correctness.

NPR should be ashamed of it's firing of Juan Williams. As a “liberal” public entity and one that claims to be an open forum. What a disgrace.



On the Bill O'Reilly show Juan stated the following:

"I mean, look, Bill, I'm not a bigot," Williams continued. "You know the kind of books I've written about the civil rights movement in this country. But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous."

I believe Mr. Williams expressed what most passengers would feel in a similar situation. Call it what you want but the reality is that we all prejudge situations and people we face everyday.

If you see someone with a prison tattoo approaching you, you would be foolish not to put your guard up. Yes, he or she maybe harmless but you have no way of knowing until you assess behavior.



9-11 Attack Working in the aviation industry we are taught to assess (political correctness) our customers as a part of the security process using an 85/15 rule. The basic premise being that 85% of passengers are no threat.

As a professional, I do not necessarily become worried and nervous because a part of my assessment is tied into behavior patterns.

Of course most passengers do not have this same type of training and if they became worried or nervous it would not surprise or offend me.





Barney If airplanes were being hijacked and used as weapons by purple dinosaurs then they would fall in the 15% range.

For other passengers It would be foolish not to be nervous or worried if you boarded a plane with a few purple dinosaurs on board.

I bet most that criticize Juan Williams remarks would feel the same if they walked into a similar situation.


Juan's crime, speaking the truth.

Is part of the problem here that we are afraid to offend those that have done or intend to do us harm? Those cowards that disgrace a faith. If Muslims in general spoke out against those that misrepresent their faith then maybe we can all get beyond our “Muslim Dilemma”. 

The rights of free speech should never be trampled for the sake of political correctness. NPR’s action are that of a coward and shows that NPR lacks any credibility as an open minded public forum.

If the truth and free speech cannot be defended then our enemies may have already won. Shame on you NPR!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Managing The Forest


Often American companies are taken to task for lack of corporate responsibility and citizenship. As an outsider, I will be the first to admit a lack of knowledge concerning the logging industry except what I have seen on Discovery Channel’s American Loggers.


CAN 197 However, on a recent visit to the Pacific Northwest and Mount St Helens, I am impressed with the huge tree farms along Highway 504.






CAN 201 Managed Area







Although only the gift shop is opened at the Mount St. Helens Forest Learning Center, I do learn that the local government has a good working relationship the Weyerhaeuser Company.



CAN 271 In the aftermath of Mount St. Helens eruption which destroyed thousand of trees, Weyerhaeuser became very active in restoring the area.

Within months after the 1980 eruption they hand-planted over 18 million seedlings.





CAN 220 New Growth




CAN 200 Today, I witness some of the results of those efforts in the hills around me and by the occasional logging truck that I pass by.





Besides actively managing the forest through thinning and other mean, Weyerhaeuser has also contributed some of it's end products to good causes like Habitat for Humanity.



CAN 210 Unmanaged Tree







In the lobby area a simple display shows one of the benefits of forest management which can yield an almost a 50% increase in diameter of a typical tree compared to an unmanaged one.


CAN 211

Managed trees mean better yields which translates into more products like wood which maybe a good thing.







Friday, September 10, 2010

Honor The Victims Not The Cowards Of 9-11


911 Picture Nine years ago about 3,000 people not just Americans lost their lives, the act of what some contribute to 19 hijackers or terrorists.

I prefer to call them and all who support their cause in one way or another, nothing but cowards.





Even today their actions and those of their supporters remain despicable to me. Hiding behind tolerance and religious freedom,  those like President Obama who should defend the honor and respect of the 9-11 victims are nothing more than shameless cowards.


Picture 614 Must 6 million die before the murdered victims of cowards are shown respect and honor?

Why are we as people afraid to stand up for what is right?





I suggest it is a lack of leadership from the Oval Office right on down. It is amazing that we are afraid of the cowards and will not stand up as nation against dishonoring those that were murdered on 9-11.

Although I do not condone the burning of any books, I applaud Pastor Terry Jones for taking a stand on issue. If the President had half the backbone of Pastor Jones, this issue would not have become politicized.

If Muslims can become outraged by Pastor Jones plan then so should we about their plans to build a mosque near Ground Zero.


Picture 433 Give our murdered victims the respect they deserve and I will give your religion the respect it deserves.

Only then can we begin to be tolerant of each other because their memory and sacrifice lives on in my heart and that of a few other proud Americans.



Monday, August 16, 2010

Is President Obama, Just Plain Arrogant Or Stupid?


President Obama1 How can this President be wrong about so many things? Is it arrogance or just plain stupidity that allows him to continue to ignore the will of the people he was elected to serve?

In agreeing with The New York Landmarks Preservation Commission that unanimously approved an Islamic culture centre and mosque near ground zero, Mr Obama again shows much he is out of touch with the American people.


In a recent CNN/Opinion Research poll, 70 percent of Americans opposed the planned construction of a mosque near ground zero.

Mr. Obama claims he is defending the rights of religious freedom, BULLSHIT. What he is defending is the rights of those that stood silent in the aftermath or maybe even before over 3000 people were murdered September 11th, 2001.


911 Picture Maybe like former New Orleans Mayor Nagin, President Obama also thinks “Ground Zero” is just a big hole in the ground. Even in backpedaling the President does not get it.







Gang KKK Mr. President how about a Klu Klux Klan Cultural Center next to A Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial or an Aryan Nation Church next to a Holocaust Memorial?

From Illegal Immigration to this issue you seem more than willing to defend everyone except Americans.


I am ashamed that I voted for you. Now that I know your true colors, I will not make that mistake again. I hope many Americans will feel the same way about you and others that believe the way you do.


Monday, August 9, 2010

No One Fears A Zebra


Canon 009 Maybe Lions, Tigers, Bears or Chix with Stix invokes more fear than a cute little Zebra that just wants to play ball.





sAMSUNG Dress that little Zebra in purple and all respect is lost until the Zebra reveals it's true colors.

So what's in a name?

Is a great co-ed softball team by any name not the same?



With a name like B2 Zebra's it is hard for opponents to take us seriously before they are given a sampling of “Zebra Ball”.

B2 Bomber Like our namesake “The B2 Bomber”, we have flown under the radar of many teams to post unexpected wins.





B2 ZEBRAS COED CHAMPIONS SUMMER 2010 For the second season in a row, B2 Zebras are City of Plantation Adult Athletic Monday Night Co-ed Softball Champions.


Canon 007 Thanks, Carl and Alana, Chris, Zev, Billy, Carlos, Danny, Tambra, Casey, Bernie, Snowy, Rebecca and all those that have helped us through out the season.

Chelo and I could not have done it without you!